12 TVB Hong Kong dramas to anticipate in 2021

TVB recently released the teasers to quite a list of dramas that are in plan to premiere next year. Among the 14 dramas, there are 2 which will not be included as they are set to premiere by end of 2020.

Legal Maverick 2 confirm air date and what we know so far

The drama is the second season of Legal Maverick (2017), follow the steps behind a blind lawyer Hope Man (Vincent Wong) and his best friends Gogo (Owen Cheung) as well as Chiu Ching Mui (Sisley Choi) to investigate the real story behind each case. The new blood added, Eva (Kelly Cheung) will be playing Hope Man’s love interest.

Review: OMG, Your Honour

No. of episodes: 25 Genre: Legal, Crime Native title: 是咁的,法官閣下 This is the first drama Grace Wong took the lead role. When this drama was first announced, I was happy for her since I watch her acting improvement since Mind Hunter. After watching the drama, I was a little disappointed by how much participation GraceContinue reading “Review: OMG, Your Honour”

Review: Touch your heart

No. of episodes: 16 Genre: Romance, Legal Original network: tvN Native title: 진심이 닿다 If you’ve read my previous entry back in late 2018, you will know this is one of my highly anticipated kdrama in 2019. Thank you to everyone that pour in their hearts and soul into making this another nice drama for me.Continue reading “Review: Touch your heart”

First Impression: Touch Your Heart (2019)

Genre: Romance, Legal, Comedy This is one of my highly anticipated K Drama in 2019 and they finally release! From the teasers that tVN released, I first thought it will be a melodrama or more towards the sentimental romance. It turns out to be a Rom-Com, which is my favourite genre. #1 Trying hard toContinue reading “First Impression: Touch Your Heart (2019)”

Review: Suits (2018)

Genre: Legal No. of episodes: 16 Original network: KBS2 Remake of the American television series, Suits, which has eight (8) seasons and right now. The condensed Korean version will showcase more character development in an episode as compared to the original version. Backstory, I did watch the original suits to only Season 3 and therefore,Continue reading “Review: Suits (2018)”