Li Xian grace cover for DAZED Korea July 2020 issue

DAZED Korea magazine invited Li Xian an actor from China to grace the July 2020 issue. They gave him the title of ‘Asian New Wave’ and caption speaks him who represents the breath and texture of the East. Li Xian gain his popularity through the drama Go Go Squid! aired in 2019 and crown theContinue reading “Li Xian grace cover for DAZED Korea July 2020 issue”

Favorite moments in Go Go Squid!

If you are a total romantics that love the “little things”, this is a drama for you. He create social media accounts for her Trying to prove a point next moment When she is drunk Surprise visit to the school Supporting her Confession in front of her parents The right kind of PDA Of course,Continue reading “Favorite moments in Go Go Squid!”

First impression: Go Go Squid

No. of episodes: 41 Genre: Romance, Sci-fi Native title: 亲爱的,热爱的 Another drama that was highly recommended to me by my friend. After completing A Love So Beautiful, I think it is a good transition since I still have Hu Yi Tian in the drama. Starting off with the competition in Singapore, K&K is a start-upContinue reading “First impression: Go Go Squid”