First impression: Perfect and Casual

Perfect and Casual is about a perfectionist, the legend professor figure Zhang Sinian (Miles Wei) and a sunshine girl Yun Shu (Xu Ruo Han) entering a contract marriage as a white lie to Zhang Sinian’s grandfather.

First impression: Sparkle Love

An extraordinary girl, Mei Wei Wei (Ling Mei Shi) born with natural frequency and the school’s swimming legend, Mai Si Chong (Zhang Ling He). Whenever Wei Wei’s heart beat goes above 100, she will accidentally send electric to people around her.

Review: Go Ahead

The drama 以家人之名 is about three non-blood related siblings growing up together. Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) along with two older brothers, Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long) and He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang Xin Cheng).

First impression: Go Ahead

The drama 以家人之名 is about a unrelated by blood family with two dads and three siblings. Li Hai Chao (Tu Song Yan) raise his only daughter Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) since his wife passed away.

Meeting Mr. Right – 女儿们的恋爱 (Selina and Derek)

No. of episodes: 13 Genre: Romance, Variety Native title: 女儿们的恋爱 Original network: Mango TV app Started watching this variety show because of Selina Jen 任家萱 (from SHE). After everything she have been through, I’m really impressed and admire her. The courage she needs to be even participating in this variety show is a huge stepContinue reading “Meeting Mr. Right – 女儿们的恋爱 (Selina and Derek)”