Japan Magazine MORE release photos of GOT7 members

On 29 Jun 2020, Japanese Magazine brand ‘MORE’ release a set of photos of the members from GOT7 Japan. We have JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom. From the caption, we are going to anticipate a special interview and know the members even more! Check out the images here Source (1) (2)

GOT7 making hangover cure on ‘After Boss Falls Asleep’ on Piki Pictures

GOT7 members go all out and create another fun episode while making hangover soup. Of course, they are there to promote their latest comeback DYE with Not by the Moon.

Got POISON by GOT7 stages

I should be promoting their title track Not by the moon more but I can’t help loving Poison more. Feels like it is me again When Thursday was subconsciously on repeat even though I love You Calling My Name. For non-iGOT7, we want to promote their non title tracks some of which are debate amongstContinue reading “Got POISON by GOT7 stages”

Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’

For those that want to find out more about the album and the songs, continue to scroll down to find out more. ‘DYE‘ by GOT7 is released on 20 April 2020 with a total of six tracks including their title track ‘Not By The Moon’. DYE is the 11th mini album and the first comebackContinue reading “Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’”

GOT7 having fun on Mnet’s Relay Dance with ‘Not By The Moon’

I love Mnet’s Rely Dance series. If you are not familiar with it here’s a brief explanation. Idols and solo singers will be in a single file and dance through the latest comeback title track with only 1 person dancing each time. When I first joined the fandom, GOT7’s Lullaby relay dance is on repeatContinue reading “GOT7 having fun on Mnet’s Relay Dance with ‘Not By The Moon’”

GOT7 present to you ‘Girls Girls Girls’ 2020 version on Weekly Idol

On episode 456 of Weekly idol, we have GOT7 back promoting for their album DYE with title track Not By The Moon. With the 6th Anniversary Fan Meet cancelled, but we are still able to see that they are going for the #throwback theme and now we are able to see them performing their debutContinue reading “GOT7 present to you ‘Girls Girls Girls’ 2020 version on Weekly Idol”

GOT7 is back charming with the romantic MV ‘Not By The Moon’

Yes, I took a day to get this up while enjoying the MV to the fullest. When my notification tweet from JYP Entertainment first pop up at 6 PM (KST), my heart went “ohmo ohmo, its here’ The song killer would be JB and Youngjae’s high notes. I mean I could hear Youngjae‘s high noteContinue reading “GOT7 is back charming with the romantic MV ‘Not By The Moon’”

GOT7 released 2nd teaser for ‘Not By The Moon’

Did you hear that high note that Youngjae just ‘went for it’ during the short 23 seconds? That is the sign that I will love this comeback! Finally more vocal and dance preview of the comeback album ‘DYE’. I guess Yugyeom is the centre for this comeback, since he moved to the middle and theContinue reading “GOT7 released 2nd teaser for ‘Not By The Moon’”

GOT7 shared a dreamy teaser for ‘Not By The Moon’ comeback

Less than a week away from GOT7’s comeback album ‘DYE’ with their title track ‘Not By The Moon’ compose by the one and only PD JYP (CEO of JYP Entertainment).