5 favorite drama in April 2020

Stay home period allows me to catch up on more hours of dramas. In the month of April, I have 5 different genre of dramas for you.

Review: Memorist (2020)

The supernatural thriller is really creepy with the cases and minds of the killers. Dong Baek as supernatural ability to read whoever he touches, he can replicate their memories and given the nickname ‘Telepathy’.

4 ongoing k-dramas that suit every mood

April is going to be a good month for drama where we have all the awesome drama released from March and upcoming drama releases. Drama for every time of mood and all different genre. All the dramas listed released at least 4 episodes up to date. The other two dramas that I want to catchContinue reading “4 ongoing k-dramas that suit every mood”

First impression: Memorist (2020)

No. of episodes: 16Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Crime, Investigation, Police Native title: 메모리스트Original network: tvN This drama feels similar to He is Psychometric where the main lead posses supernatural power to read someone else mind. However, the difference between these drama, there isn’t any second of romance and humour in Memorist. FULL ON THRILLER. Dong BaekContinue reading “First impression: Memorist (2020)”