GOT7 giving advice to TOO for cover on ‘Road to Kingdom’

Road to Kingdom is an ongoing variety show by Mnet showcasing the battle amongst seven current boy groups including TOO, Golden Child, Verivery, Oneus, Pentagon, The Boyz and ONF. In the recent episode, the groups have to cover songs by other singers and TOO was covering GOT7‘s Hard Carry. The members went to visit theirContinue reading “GOT7 giving advice to TOO for cover on ‘Road to Kingdom’”

GOT7 having fun on Mnet’s Relay Dance with ‘Not By The Moon’

I love Mnet’s Rely Dance series. If you are not familiar with it here’s a brief explanation. Idols and solo singers will be in a single file and dance through the latest comeback title track with only 1 person dancing each time. When I first joined the fandom, GOT7’s Lullaby relay dance is on repeatContinue reading “GOT7 having fun on Mnet’s Relay Dance with ‘Not By The Moon’”

CJ ENM’s CEO confirm IZ One and X1’s plans to resume

Finally, it is coming to an end. He shared regarding IZ*ONE and X1, “We will provide all possible support for them to resume their activities. Along with the emotional pressure that the members have experienced and the support of fans, we have been continuously discussing plans for the resumption of their activities.” Soompi translate FewContinue reading “CJ ENM’s CEO confirm IZ One and X1’s plans to resume”

Guide to GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.5

No. of episodes: 3 Original network: Mnet (YouTube) From 13 November to 27 November 2019. I have to wait for the English subs to be release and therefore the delay. When the teaser first came out, I was super excited. This is definitely a way shorter series compared to the first and second one whichContinue reading “Guide to GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.5”

Hard Carry 2.5 coming soon

I am so so so excited when I first saw the tweet by MNET saying that there will be debuting Hard Carry 2.5 in November. Since I fell for GOT7 last September, Hard Carry series is one of my favourite from them. Debuting on 13 November, 7 PM (KST)