5 Korean dramas coming soon in July 2020

July 2020 will be a month filled with laughter and intense thriller. 5 Korean dramas from Was it Love? to Train and Evil Flower.

Review: Vagabond

No. of episodes: 16 Genre: Spy, Action, Politics Native title: 배가본드 Original network: Netflix, SBS After completing the drama, this is what going through my mind: “This drama definitely needs a sequel.” Terrorist attack The staged terrorist attack masked as a plane system failure and took away more than 200 lives which majority consist ofContinue reading “Review: Vagabond”

Review: Big White Duel

The drama 白色強人 is about the balance between politics and core in the healthcare industry. The focus and stories unveil from Ming Shing North Hospital in Hong Kong. The deputy head of the hospital Dr Yeung Yat To (Roger Kwok) is pushing to change the model of the hospital from public to private for years.