Review: Forensic Heroes 4 (2020)

Forensic Heroes series is back after almost a decade. What to expect in the fourth sequel.

Review: Wonder Women

The drama 多功能老婆 is about a woman not giving up on her life even if the marriage and her husband fail her. Raising the kid on her own and using her own skills, she manages to create her own second life, a second chance. Through the means, she found another love of her own.

First impression: Wonder Women 多功能老婆

No. of episodes: 25 Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Native title: 多功能老婆 Original network: TVB Starring Miriam Yeung the well established singer in Hong Kong. Her rare drama appearance makes more people anticipate it. This drama is trying to convey a similar message to Girlie Days but just they focus more on the marriage dilemma. TheContinue reading “First impression: Wonder Women 多功能老婆”