Review: Meeting You

The drama is about a reunion of a talented boy with social anxiety Nan Xi (Fiction Guo) and a talkative and enthusiastic girl Xia Rui (Wan Peng).

Review: Perfect and Casual

Perfect and Casual is adapted by a novel from the same title. The drama is about a perfectionist, the legend professor figure Zhang Sinian (Miles Wei) and a sunshine girl Yun Shu (Xu Ruo Han) entering a contract marriage as a white lie to Zhang Sinian’s grandfather.

Review: My Unicorn Girl

Sang Tian (Sebrina Chen) failed the exam to enter the figure skater team and lost the shelter, out of desperation, she disguise as a guy and enter the school to join the ice hockey team. After entering the school, she share the same dorm room with Wen Bin (Darren Chen) who figured out her real identity.

Review: Sparkle Love

An extraordinary girl, Mei Wei Wei (Ling Mei Shi) is born with natural frequency. She will send electric to people around her when her heartbeat surpass 100. The receiver will fall for the first person they see, however, the feeling will only last for 24 hours.

Review: Dating in the Kitchen

Dating in the Kitchen is about romance bubbling between a 21-year-old kitchen help Gu Sheng Nan (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) and a sharp-tongue CEO Lu Jin (Lin Shen). Sheng Nan is a little helper in a 5-star hotel backend kitchen, she is talented in cooking yet was not given the platform to express herself through dishes.

Review: Go Ahead

The drama 以家人之名 is about three non-blood related siblings growing up together. Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) along with two older brothers, Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long) and He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang Xin Cheng).

Review: My Dear Lady

The drama 你成功引起我的注意了 is about a 23 year old CEO Cheng Li (Liu Te) open to hire a 24-hours standby personal assistant. The cosmetic company he established is just a lesson in his mother’s eyes and she wanted him to return to the family business soon.

Review: Mr Honesty

The drama is about a relationship between a CEO and his assistant. Fang Zhi You is a CEO of a self-established architect firm, Fang Yuan. He lives by a strict rule of no lie and pure honesty after something major happened when he was young.

Review: My Girl (2020)

The drama revolves around Meng Hui, a girl with a deep long scar on her face since young and it caused mental scar and developed dissociative identity disorder. She cross path with Shen Yi, the CEO of a high end cosmetic company with multiple investments. The young and rich Shen Yi is unlike the usual CEO, he take public transport and save every penny he can living a thrifty lifestyle.