Review: Al Cappuccino

反黑路人甲 revolves around a struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) return back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Identity switch by the orphanage with triad boss’s third son, both of them did not care about it and grew up together.

Review: The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30Genre: Business, Drama, Romance Native title: 大醬園Original network: TVB Everything started from the Man Koon Brewery is a century-old soy sauce maker in Foshan. Things start to change when all the brothers and their sons have different ideal of future and slowly cause chaos in the household. Man Kai Shan (Hugo Ng)Continue reading “Review: The Dripping Sauce”

Review: Handmaidens United

No. of episodes: 15Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy Native title: 丫鬟大聯盟Original network: TVB Thoughts… honestly after episode 11, I start to feel that the drama is a little draggy. Yuet Ying 月盈 (Jacqueline Wong) is a maid under the Vice Minister of War House, leads an alliance of maids and they trade information and work togetherContinue reading “Review: Handmaidens United”

Review: Wonder Women

The drama 多功能老婆 is about a woman not giving up on her life even if the marriage and her husband fail her. Raising the kid on her own and using her own skills, she manages to create her own second life, a second chance. Through the means, she found another love of her own.

Review: The Offliners

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Gaming, Tech Native title: 堅離地愛堅離地 Original network: astro and TVB Unexpectedly nice drama to end off 2019. Brief introduction Ding Shin Hei 丁信希 aka Hei Shen (Owen Cheung) is a IT graduate that taking odd jobs in various companies to survive. His hobby is to play various games with hisContinue reading “Review: The Offliners”