SHINee’s Onew challenged himself as a day manager for Taemin

SHINee’s leader Onew released his first show Jinki’s Electric Pad (literal translation) 진기장판. The leader first work since he discharged from the military on 20 July 2020.

SHINee’s Dubu leader Onew is discharged from the military

The first member and also SHINee’s leader, Onew is discharged from the military on 20 July 2020. Official ‘SHINee is back’ might still take a while, while waiting for Key and Choi Min Ho to discharge later this year. Dubu (tofu) is the nickname that Shawol gave Onew and it is good to see himContinue reading “SHINee’s Dubu leader Onew is discharged from the military”

3rd member to enlist in SHINee – Minho

To my bias for the longest time (since 2008-2009), Choi Minho, from a boy to a man now. He announced on mid-March that he will be enlisting in the marine cops in April Minho wrote his last letter to Shawols before enlisting: “time has flown by so quickly since the debut on May 25 inContinue reading “3rd member to enlist in SHINee – Minho”

3 Idols/Actor to enlist in March

A mandatory process for all men in Korea, to serve their nation when they reached a certain age. The practice is slightly different compared to Singapore when guys will enter the army when they turned 18 years old. 1. Key – SHINee Second member in SHINee that will be enlisting on 4 March 2019. HeContinue reading “3 Idols/Actor to enlist in March”

The Return of Superman – Uncle Minho

Recently KBS World TV compile all the cuts of SHINee’s Minho appearance in the episode special of The Return of Superman where he replaced Lee Donggook to be Si An’s guardian for the trip. It is not the first time he appeared in The Return of Superman and also not the first time he isContinue reading “The Return of Superman – Uncle Minho”

10 Best Kpop Comeback in 2018

Disclaimer: I’m totally bias to GOT7 and SHINee as well. You will be seeing quite a fair bit of them since both groups have a few releases this year. Purely based on my personal opinion. It is a tough decision to make, since I really love the music produced this year. There will be aContinue reading “10 Best Kpop Comeback in 2018”

4 Old Korean Variety Shows That I Loved

Since I started the Kpop since 2008-2009, I have the chance to watch more variety shows and content produced for almost a decade. From the countless production that I’ve watched, I still miss a couple of them which I hope the respective broadcast station will bring it back or make into a special episode. 1.Continue reading “4 Old Korean Variety Shows That I Loved”