Review: In Family We Trust (2018)

No. of episodes: 18 Genre: Family, Crime, Mystery Native title: เลือดข้นคนจาง This drama was recommendation by my colleague from Thailand. She mentioned that there’s a popular Thai Idol group called nine by nine (9by9) and all nine of them are in this drama. Since it was on Netflix and I do watch Thai drama onceContinue reading “Review: In Family We Trust (2018)”

Guide to GOT7: Real Thai (2019)

No. of episodes: 5 Genre: Variety, Comedy Original Network: xtvn Available on Viu. For the other unreleased, behind the scenes videos, check out xtvn’s YouTube Playlist. Main Cast GOT4 that consist of Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Bambam together with comedian Hwang Se Sung. Episode Guides Episode 1 What happened prior to the trip. GOT4 satContinue reading “Guide to GOT7: Real Thai (2019)”

9 Moments I love in GOT7: Real Thai

Sadly, it is officially coming to an end to the series with a total of 5 episodes. Accompany us and giving us 5 weeks of GOT4! #1 Members’ home and wardrobe This is not included in the main cut of GOT7: Real Thai but it was released before they air the first episode on 16Continue reading “9 Moments I love in GOT7: Real Thai”