Top 6 Favourite TVB drama in 2019

For those who love medical dramas, supernatural and thrillers will love dramas produced by TVB in 2019.

Nomination list out for TVB Awards Presentation 2019

Native title: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2019 Original network: TVB Date of ceremony: 12 Jan 2020 Mark the date, the list of nominees is released on 11 Dec 2019 through the YouTube video (from what I watched) and here are some of the nominations. Best Drama of the year Out of the 16 nominations, I’ve watched 11 dramas fromContinue reading “Nomination list out for TVB Awards Presentation 2019”

7 TVB Dramas I love in 2019

The year is almost ending and apart from Wonder Women 多功能老婆 that is schedule to take over the slot from 25 Nov 2019, there will not be any more new drama in 2019. Decided to start of with my favorite Hong Kong dramas based on those that I caught up with this very year. UpContinue reading “7 TVB Dramas I love in 2019”

First impression: The Man Who Kills Troubles

No. of episodes: 30 Genre: Crime, School, Investigation, Triads Native title: 解決師 Original network: TVB Finally another exciting intense script from TVB after Our Unwinding Ethos in August. Story take places in Melbourne, Australia where our male lead, Ka King Chung Kars aka K (acted by Vincent Wong) is a solver for a triads leader. TheContinue reading “First impression: The Man Who Kills Troubles”

13 dramas to anticipate before 2019 ends

Completed only 5 Hong Kong dramas till date and still anticipating for more confirmed air dates from TVB. From the Programme Parade 2019 that was held in April, TVB showcase 10 hit dramas in 2019 and here are the list of dramas yet to air. #1 Airport Striker 機場特警 #2 Wonder Women 多功能老婆 #3 TheContinue reading “13 dramas to anticipate before 2019 ends”