Him Law caught in a love triangle for upcoming drama – The Witness

Next up after Go Go Go Operation C9 is a romantic investigation comedy, The Witness 木棘証人. Teaser shows Him Law caught up in a love triangle between Kelly Cheng and another girl.

Review: Go Go Go Operation C9

The drama is about an agent C9 (Samantha Ko) who works for a secret organization became a married housewife after the entire organization blew up and wipe everything clean. Made her mind to be just a good wife, good daughter-in-law and good mother, her ex-partner agent B3 (Chris Lai Yok Yi) shows up.

Tencent Video confirms air date for Line Walker 3, earlier than TVB

Tencent Video released a series of individual character posters for upcoming Hong Kong undercover drama, Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 and the air date.

Legal Maverick 2 confirm air date and what we know so far

The drama is the second season of Legal Maverick (2017), follow the steps behind a blind lawyer Hope Man (Vincent Wong) and his best friends Gogo (Owen Cheung) as well as Chiu Ching Mui (Sisley Choi) to investigate the real story behind each case. The new blood added, Eva (Kelly Cheung) will be playing Hope Man’s love interest.

Agent C9 to replace Chinatown as the next TVB drama to premiere in September

The tentative premiere date for the action drama, Chinatown 唐人街 is set on 21 September 2020. This is an action mystery drama set in Thailand’s Chinatown. A place gathered martial arts experts in different genre.

Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng and more begin filming for upcoming Medical drama

One of the highly anticipated drama due to the cast line up for Children Hospital (literal translation) 兒童醫院 begins filming. The drama revolves around the medical team under the Children’s specialist department. Kevin Cheng as Jonas aka Dr Bing, Kenneth Ma as Felix, Linda Chung as Mayson, Him Law as Shaun Ma. During the interview,Continue reading “Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng and more begin filming for upcoming Medical drama”

First impression: Al Cappuccino

The drama is about an American struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) flew back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he was rolled into a triad due to the misunderstanding of the real identity.