My Apple Music wrap – Replay 2019

While everyone was showing their Spotify 2019 music wrapped up, I am the one that uses Apple Music all the way. No insightful infographics but here’s what I found. There’s a REPLAY 2019 playlist that Apple created to “mimic” what Spotify has and you can add to your Apple Music. According to REPLAY 2019, I’veContinue reading “My Apple Music wrap – Replay 2019”

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019 performance

SBS Gayo Daejeon was held on Christmas day of 2019. However, it is not the best Christmas present for the fans and the idols due to the negligence from the staff. Firstly, would like to say “Get Well Soon, Wendy!” Wendy of Red Velvet fell off the stage during the rehearsal and caused major injuryContinue reading “SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019 performance”

My favorite performance from MAMA 2019

I really feel that this year’s MAMA was not as hyped compared to just 2018. There are almost no collaboration stage and the time given for groups are minimum, I guess its due to the limited time given there’s only one MAMA 2019 stage this year. #1 GOT7 – Eclipse, You Calling My Name, CrashContinue reading “My favorite performance from MAMA 2019”

Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA) 2019 Winners

Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA) D-Day. Until the very day, I have a love-hate feeling with Mnet since they are really supportive of GOT7 but they are being slight bad to X1 and IZ One. Nevertheless, MAMA is always the highlight award show annually. Really excited to see what GOT7 will show ahgases and theContinue reading “Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA) 2019 Winners”

6 Title Songs I love – Twice

I would not say I’m a ONCE (Twice Fandom name), but I started to notice and follow them since Cheer Up. That song really hits me and by listening to it really do Cheer Me Up. Believe that was the song that brings them fame and recognition. For any idol group, there will bound to beContinue reading “6 Title Songs I love – Twice”

JYPE Comebacks 2019 (Jan – Apr)

Probably my favorite agency as of now. Starting from the third generations of Kpop groups (since 2010), I am more incline to groups and artist under JYP Entertainment. Current active groups under JYPE includes:  2PM, GOT7 (갓세븐), 15&, Twice (트와이스), Day6 (데이식스), Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈), itzy (있지) Sub-units includes:  JUS2, JJ Project (JJ프로젝트) (bothContinue reading “JYPE Comebacks 2019 (Jan – Apr)”

Favorite moments in 2018 MAMA Fan’s Choice Japan

Since the 2018 MAMA vote opened, fans are actively voting for quite long period and it slowly build up to D-DAY. MAMA 2018, Korea – 10 December 2018 MAMA 2018, Japan – 12 December 2018 MAMA 2018, Hong Kong – 14 December 2018 Here are some of my favorite moments from the performance last nightContinue reading “Favorite moments in 2018 MAMA Fan’s Choice Japan”