Horror Premiere of Great Escape Season 2

Great Escape 密室大逃脱2 is a China spin off Variety show with the similar concept based on the Korean version. The cast members are thrown into a massive themed escape rooms and they are all by themselves to unlock rooms with no time limit.

Review: Find Yourself

He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) is an 32 years old woman who has a stable career but remains single for her life. She developed feelings for the intern Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) who works in the same office and he does like her.

Plot twist and half drama updates on ‘Find Yourself’

Knowing from the beginning that the drama consist of 40 episodes, I knew the couple will break up in the mid-point (around 20). What I never imagine, the plot is unlike the usual, grow-up-come-back-after-several-years-mature and woo her back. Since my first impression, many things changed. He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) and his company’s 22 yearContinue reading “Plot twist and half drama updates on ‘Find Yourself’”

First impression: Find Yourself

No. of episodes: 40Genre: Romance, Comedy Native title: 下一站是幸福Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV Romance between a 32 year old career woman, He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) and his company’s 22 year old designer intern, Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) a popular ‘oppa’ in college. Fan Xing still remember her promise made with his college bestContinue reading “First impression: Find Yourself”

Review: Please Love Me

No. of episodes: 24Genre: Romance, Contract Love, Comedy Native title: 拜托,请你爱我Original network: Mango TV Chance upon this drama after seeing the promotion banners everywhere digitally. Glad to catch this drama up because it is really good. Really good balance between the three couples in the drama and perfect blend together. How it started Pei YouContinue reading “Review: Please Love Me”