The King’s Affection

The drama is an adaptation of a comic Yeonmo by Lee So Young. Having twins is considered an ominous sign back in the days. When the Crown Prince’s consort gave birth to a pair, the daughter was being ordered to kill. In order to save her, she was secretly sent out of the palace.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Historical, Romance, Politics
Native title: 연모
Original network: KBS, Netflix

Premiere: 11 Oct 2021



Rowoon (SF9)


Jung Ji Woon

Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin

Yeon Seon, Lee Hwi

Nam Yoon Su

Lee Hyun

Bae Yoon Kyung

Shin So Eun

Choi Byung Chan

Kim Ga On

Jung Chae Yeon

Noh Ha Kyung

Baek Hyun Joo

Kim Sang Gung (Court Lady)

Go Gyu Pil

Eunuch Hong Bok Dong

Kim In Kwon

Yang Moon Soo (Lee Hwi’s teacher)

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