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Working in the front line, the story is set in Hong Kong’s customs office and the various departments. Trade Controls, Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau, Customs Drug Investigation Bureau. 

No. of episodes: 27
Genre: Investigation, Crime, Action, Immigration
Native title: 把關者們
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 13 Sep 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.



Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong

Yan, Madam Kuan

Benjamin Yuen

Hoi Fung, Fung Sir

Venus Wong

Kay Wan Chi Kei, Madam Wan

Carlos Chan

Chan Ka Hing

Moon Lau

Moon Lau

Fong Ching Long

C Kwan

Ma Piu

Yoyo Chen

Yip Kai On

Karl Ting Tze Long

KO, Yip King On

Tiffany Lau Wing Shuen

Kwai Ting Fei

Joey Law

Marcus Sze Lap Yin

Mark Ma Kwun Tung

Sam Wai Yip

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