The Oath of Love

Adapted from a novel by Bo Lin Shi Jiang, the drama is about the romance between Lin Zhi Xiao and Gu Wei. Gu Wei is a young and established doctor who met Lin Zhi Xiao through treating her father’s cancer. They fell in love after going through the toughest time in their respective lives together.

No. of episodes: 29
Genre: Romance, Medical, Music
Native title: 余生,请多指教
Original network: Hunan TV, Tencent Video

Premiere: 15 Mar 2022



Yang Zi

Lin Zhi Xiao

Xiao Zhan

Dr. Gu Wei

Ma Yu Jie

Dr. Gao Xi

Zhai Zi Lu

Gu Xiao

Daisy Li Mu Chen

Daisy Li Mu Chen

San San

Li Yun Rui

Shao Jiang

August Wang Cheng Yang

Dr. Wen Jun, Xiao Du

Zhang Yu Qi

Jin Shi

Zhao Shi Yi

Yin Xi

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