The Righteous Fists

The drama is set in the times of 1960s to 1970s, the chinatown of Bangkok, Thailand where all the local Chinese residents gather together with different backgrounds.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Historical
Native Title: 鐵拳英雄
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 10 Jan 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.



Ruco Chan

Bou Cing Wan

Natalie Tong

Natalie Tong

Chin Chien Chien

Joel Chan

Tony Lin Gik

Elaine Yiu

Gam Fuk Mui

Philip Ng

Je Loi Gat

Grace Wong

Grace Wong

Ching On Na

Tiffany Lau

Fong Siu Jau

Yuen Qiu

Ding Sai Fung, Fung Jie

Jimmy Au

Gam Lung

Moon Lau

Moon Lau

Hong Ngaa Laan

Cheung Kwok Keung

Paang Gin, Paang Ye

Carlo Ng

Chin Seoi Hung

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