The Romance of Tiger and Rose

The romance fantasy drama started when a script writer Chen Xiao Qian was sucked into her own creation and became Chen Qian Qian and fell in love with the main character Han Shuo.

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action
Native Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊
Original network: Tencent Video

Premiere: 18 May 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Rosy Zhao Lusi

Rosy Zhao Lusi

Chen Xiao Qian,
Chen Qian Qian

Ryan Ding Yu Xi

Han Shuo

Zhou Zi Xin

Chen Chu Chu

Sheng Ying Hao

Pei Heng

Zhao Xin

Chen Yuan Yuan

Patrick Quan Pei Lun

Su Mu

Chen Ming Hao

Su Zi Ying

Smile Wei Xiao

Lin Qi

Hu Cai Hong

Cheng Zhu

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