The War of Beauties

The drama follows the story of three close childhood friends who turned against each other after stepping into the entertainment industry. Chung Ka Bo, Lee Ching Yee and Lam Siu Mei are really close friends before everything happened.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Showbiz, Friendship
Native title: 美麗戰場
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 3 Oct 2022



Jeannie Chan

Jeannie Chan

Chung Ka Bo

Moon Lau

Moon Lau

Lee Ching Yee

Hera Chan

Lam Siu Mei

Angel Chiang

Angel Chiang

Chung Ka Kei

Joel Chan

Wong Yat Yin

Alex Fong

Pong Zan Yu

Lenna Yeung

Tsang Wai Fong

Rebecca Zhu

Tong Yan

Aska Cheung

Ou Ka Ming

Karl Ting

Ching Yu Zeun

Regina Ho

Pong Tze Shan

David Chiang

David Chiang

Pong Kwok Dong

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