Who’s the Murderer Season 7

Reality show that aim to find out the murderer in the respective case amongst the suspects. In each episode, star guest will join the main family of Who’s the Murderer. Only the murderer can lie… Are you game for it?

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Investigation, Mystery
Native title: 明星大侦探第七季
Original network: Mango TV

Premiere: 10 Feb 2022


Main Cast

He Jiong

Zhang Ruo Yun

Wowkie Zhang Da Wei

Wowkie Zhang Da Wei

Vision Wei Chen

Yang Rong

Qi Wei

Wu Xin

Angel Wang Ou


Steven Zhang Xin Cheng (EP 0), Pu Yi Xing (EP 2-5, 7-9), He Yun Chen (EP 1), Guo Wen Tao (EP 3-4, 6), Zhang Tian Ai (EP 4), Deng Lun (EP 5), Justin (EP 6-8)

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