119 Trainees from Youth With You 3 perform We Rock

YWY3 - Theme Song - We Rock

Yes! The traditional theme song is finally here, after 2 rounds of competitions, the trainees finally welcome their Theme Song stage.

For those who are not sure what’s happening, Youth With You Season 3 is a Chinese idol survival program with the ultimate aim to debut a nine members boy group at the end of the program.

118 trainees are given 3 days to master the song and record their ‘One Take’, only 100 trainees will get to submit their ‘one take’ and perform.

So what’s ‘One take’, is a one-take only video recording of the individual performing We Rock. The video will be submitted to the mentors and trainees will be re-evaluated into different classes. Being able to sort into Class A will be the best as they will be guaranteed more time on screen and able to fight for the most desirable ‘center’ position.

Class A expanded and also shifted from initial 8 trainees to 11 trainees. Which includes Tony Yu Jingtian, Lian Huaiwei, Sun Yihang, Liu Jun, Kachine Sun Yinghao, Luo Yizhou, Jiang Jinzuo, X Duan Xingxing, Neil Liu Guan You, Otter Cui Yunfeng, and The Dream Yang Zhixiang.

Check it out here

Even though I was sad that Tony Yu Jing Tian (my bias) was not the center, but seeing the center is Luo Yi Zhou, I’m okay! Luo Yi Zhou shines (to me) since the position evaluation stage, taking the personal highest score in the dance team through Hero Kick It.

Some observation that proves why I was so hopeful that Tony will get the center in Theme Song. In the past 3 seasons, the center for theme song will ultimately debut and also take the No.1 spot and center of the new debut group. From Cai Xu Kun in Idol Producer, Lee Wen Han in Youth With You, and Liu Yu Xin in Youth With You 2.

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