2 ongoing K Variety I love

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Variety shows always keeps me going for the week and watching multiple shows makes me think a lot.

PDs that are making these possible really needs to go through countless brainstorming sessions with the team to keep their content refreshing for the viewers.

Here are some variety shows that I’m currently watching

1. All the Butlers 사부일체

Or Master in the House

After I started the very first episode, I binge watched all the episodes.

2 Ongoing K Variety I Love

Love how different Masters inspire us differently and how much the four of them bond ever since the first episode. They even went on a personal man trip together and toured Japan.

2 Ongoing K Variety I Love
Master in the House #2018 SBS Entertainment Awards

In the most recent episode featuring Jung Doo Hong, he is a professional stun director for any movies even to Hollywood.

2. Mr. House Husband 살림하는 남자들

Guilty! I only watched the cuts that feature Minhwan (member of FT Island), his wife Yulhee (former member of LABOUM) and their adorable son JJANG!

After their sudden announcement that they are married and expecting a son, everyone was stunned. So, I’m curious about their daily live as a young married couple with a baby on board.

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Every first 15 minutes of Mr. House Husband will be showcasing the young KPOP idol couple’s every day life. It’s interesting to find out more about them through variety show and also to shut some netizen up.

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Hope that through this show, they are able to gain the trust back from the fans that they lost after the announcement and/or even gain more support from fan like me. Really like how mature Yulhee is despite her age.

Both are available via VIUsg and updates weekly. Other varieties that I’m watching on and off includes Mafia (GOT7’s JB as one of the fixed cast), Law of the Jungle, Running Man, Produce X 101.

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