3 most touching moments in Star Awards 2019


I would say the entire night bring us up and down the emotional roller coaster. The awards show night is where all the local celebrities presenting their best form on stage and the red carpet.

Every year, I will anticipate how the show will turn out to be. The line ups and the tagline they will be showcasing.

For Star Awards 2019 (#SA2019) the theme is “This moment”, also it is the 25th Anniversary of the Star Awards series when they first started off in 1994.

Here are some moments that I loved from the night.

1. Tribute to our lost hero

I should’ve known that this is coming, still, I couldn’t control my tears. The moment I see all the artist under Noon Talk Media is wearing black, I know there’s a hidden meaning behind it. #ripaloysius

2. Special Achievement Award – Chor Meng

Before the digital and technologies take place, we only know and follow the local celebrities and entertainment industry. One of the best “lobang king” that we have in Singapore.

He is an inspiration to me, his attitude and passion keeps him going despite of the huge fall in life. Really admire his courage to stand up and continue to show us his work and passion. Because of his dedication, we are able to see “118” and many more to come.

3. Bring back Star Search after 9 years

Finally! This is the long lost program that I used to follow since young. Remember myself rooting for F6 Felicia Chin back then and collect all the Weekly-i magazines to support her.

The announcement of reviving this program makes me happy. To really search for acting talents locally since nowadays, we tend to not-know who is “he” or “she” (the new faces) that suddenly appear in a series.

*Goosebumps* when the theme song for the program is playing. Hope they will discover new young talents in Singapore starting next month.

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