3rd Ranking Announcement – Youth With You 3

YWY3 3rd Official Ranking

On the latest episode of iQiyi’s Youth With You 3, the 3rd ranking announcement is released and the top 20 will be able to proceed to their final debut stage in May. Black horses like Neil Liu Guanyou, and Chase Lee rose up to Top 9, Jacky Du Tianyu made it to Top 20 with a leap of 13 ranks.

From Top 35 to 20, 15 trainees will be leaving the family after the mentor collaboration stage that will be happening next week.

YWY3 - Top 20 Formal Shot
YWY3 – Top 20 Formal Shot

Native title: 青春有你3
Original network: iQiyi
No. of episodes: 24

YWY3 3rd Official Ranking
YWY3 3rd Official Ranking – The Top 9
  1. Tony Yu Jing Tian [余景天] – Class A
  2. Luo Yizhou [罗一舟] – Class A
  3. Lian Huaiwei [连淮伟] – Class A 
  4. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou [唐九洲] – Class N
  5. Kachine Sun Yinghao [孙滢皓] – Class A
  6. Neil Liu Guan you [刘冠佑] – Class A
  7. Sun Yihang [孙亦航] – Class A 
  8. X Duan Xing Xing [段星星] – Class A
  9. Chase Lee Shiqi [十七] – Class C 
  10. Waston Chang Huasen [常华森 ]- Class N
  11. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci [邓孝慈] – Class N 
  12. Jun Liu [刘隽] – Class A 
  13. Jacky Du Tianyu [杜天宇] – Class C
  14. Liang Sen [梁森] – Class B
  15. Rimiko Li Junhao [李俊濠] – Class B
  16. Nemo Xu Xinci [徐新驰] – Class C 
  17. Xu Ziwei [徐子未] – Class C
  18. He Derui [何德瑞] – Class C
  19. Yang Haoming [杨昊铭] – Class B 
  20. Krystian Wang Nanjun [王南钧] – Class B

From the past seasons be it China or South Korea, I feel like anyone in the Top 20 has the potential to make it into the Top 9 and debut as the voting system somehow counts on the final stage performance.

Tony’s Acceptance Speech

Tony’s acceptance speech, he thanks the program and everything that he is going through a platform to grow up and mature. He voiced out his thoughts about Liang Sen and Liu Jun’s dropping out of Top 9 and hope they will make it to debut together soon.

Grateful that Tony maintains this no. 1 position and let’s not be complacent, fans from around the world, we will continue to fight and vote because we believe he will continue to bring us a better stage every time.

International Fan’s Top 9

For the international fans who are supporting be it in the midst or from the beginning, here is the result of the Top 9 trainees’ votes based on international fans’ votes.

  1. Tony Yu Jing Tian [余景天] – Class A
  2. Luo Yizhou [罗一舟] – Class A
  3. Jun Liu [刘隽] – Class A 
  4. Neil Liu Guan you [刘冠佑] – Class A
  5. X Duan Xing Xing [段星星] – Class A
  6. Liang Sen [梁森] – Class B
  7. Lian Huaiwei [连淮伟] – Class A 
  8. Krystian Wang Nanjun [王南钧] – Class B
  9. Chase Lee Shiqi [十七] – Class C
YWY3 3rd Ranking - Intl Fans

The voting window is back up on 24 April, 7PM and we have the timeline to vote all the way to the final stage in May. However, everyone will only be able to vote for 1 trainee a day, iQiyi VIP account will be entitled 2 votes a day.

Every vote counts.

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