Ahn Bo Hyun’s life revealed in ‘I Live Alone’

Ahn Bo Hyun on I Live Alone.

On episode 339, I Live Alone invited the rising star Ahn Bo Hyun to the studio and take a closer look into his daily life.

I live alone 나 혼자 산다 is an ongoing variety show by MBC since 2013, it is not by go-to variety show every week but I do selectively watch depends on who is being featured in.

Living alone for 17 years

He was a former professional boxer before his entertainment career since he injure his hands. The interior of his house is surprisingly warm and well decorated and lit.

Home GIF

His Vintage Car ‘Krong’

Even his car has a name, Krong is a vintage car that he spend money to repair bit by bit. The entire interior of the car made it so functional for his lifestyle.

Ramen GIF
Having lunch with a sea view at his own pace and time, this is perfect!
Ahn Bohyun GIF
He accidentally close the door to hard and flustered when he can’t open it.

Setting up the camping site

He called a ‘dongsaeng’ on his way to the camping site and asked if he is keen to join. The impromptu date will be shown next episode. While he is waiting after the setup, he took a nap. #GOALS

Camping GIF

Check out the preview for the next episode! Can’t wait for it!


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