Updates: ZEROBASEONE dress up as heroes for Amazing Saturday filming

Zerobaseone Zb1 For Amazing Saturday

Updates, 4 Jul

Seems like ZEROBASEONE is set and all ready for the actual filming with the Amazing Saturday cast today.

The members dress up as superheroes, characters, and everyday life heroes themed.

Amazing Saturday Zerobaseone

Updates, 29 Jun

Amazing Saturday released an EP.0 for ZEROBASEONE on their YouTube channel. It looks like we are getting more content, and EP.1 is slated to release on 5 July 2023.

Here’s a preparation (sort of) platform for the members to get used to the reality show since it will be their first variety program (by broadcast station).

Check out EP.0

Original post, 20 Jun

ZEROBASEONE confirms their appearance for the first variety show as a full group for tvN’s weekend show, Amazing Saturday [놀라운 토요일].

Weekly showcasing different markets from South Korea and featuring 3 types of delicious food to represent. The fixed cast includes Boom, Shin Dong Yup, Park Na Rae, Kim Dong Hyun, Moon Se Yoon, SHINee’s Key (also their Star Master), SNSD’s Kim Tae Yeon, Jung Han Hae, Nucksal, and more.

여러분… 그거 알아요…?
제로베이스원 완전체가 놀라운 토요일에 출격합니다🤭💙

첫 예능인 만큼 놀토 출연을 위해
만반의 준비를 했다고 하는데요!
모두 심장 부여잡으세요..💓

7월 15일 많관부✨

Amazing Saturday’s Instagram post

Translate to a message teasing fans that it’s Zerobaseone’s first variety show and look forward to 15 Jul 2023 for the episode, accompanied with the images.

Zb1 For Amazing Saturday

While waiting, you can anticipate the upcoming Mnet show, CAMP ZEROBASEONE that will premiere on 22 Jun 2023.

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