Animal PJ party dance time in Youth With You 3

YWY3 - Animal Pajamas Party

This is just for fun, time off their intense competition of the ongoing Chinese idol survival program Youth With You 3. iQiyi released videos of the Top 35 trainees dancing to their original song with animal onesies.

Groups are spilt based on the theme evaluation stages that was aired on episode 17 and 18.

Way Up 命中

Trainees from Way Up are majority from the top 9 including Tony Yu Jing Tian 余景天, Lian Huaiwei 连淮伟, Sun Yihang 孙亦航, Kachine Sun Yinghao 孙滢皓. As well as the other trainees Nemo Xu Xinci 徐新驰, BoogieFish Caoyu 草鱼, and Yang Haoming 杨昊铭.

Way Up 命中, Animal Party. Youth With You 3Way Up 命中. With You 3

One word to sum up: Havoc (But I really enjoy it)

Monsoon 季风环游

Trainees include Jeremy Deng Zheming 邓泽鸣, Zi Yu 梓渝, Liang Sen 梁森, Chase Lee Shiqi 十七, Yuta 桥本裕太, Alan 黄鸿明, Chuk Qiu Danfeng 邱丹枫.

Apart from Liang Sen and Chase Lee Shiqi, the rest are in a pretty dangerous zone of ranking 21 and above. But I really hope Jeremy Deng Zheming, Yuta will make it to the final Top 20.

Monsoon 季风环游, Animal Party. Youth With You 3Monsoon 季风环游. Youth With You 3

One word to sum up: Sweet

Bamboo 竹

Trainees include Jun Liu 刘隽, Waston Chang Huasen 常华森, Wang Jiachen 汪佳辰, Jacky Du Tianyu 杜天宇, Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci 邓孝慈, Zheng Xingyuan 郑星源, and Krystian 王南钧.

Bamboo 竹, Animal Party. Youth With You 3Bamboo 竹. Youth With You 3

This group can’t be summarized in one word. It’s more like, “there’s always one playful member in a group”

Domesticator 驯化者

Trainees include JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲, Luo Yizhou 罗一舟, Neil Liu Guan you 刘冠佑, Jiang Jingzuo 姜京佐, G.G Zhang Siyuan 张思源, Crayon Cheng Yugeng 陈誉庚, and Drrchen Chen Junhao 陈俊豪

Domesticator 驯化者, Animal Party. Youth With You 3Domesticator 驯化者. Youth With You 3

Sha Ni 沙溺

Last but not least, the team from Sha Ni. Trainees include X Duan Xing Xing 段星星, Kingston Yixuan 亿轩, Xu Ziwei 徐子未, Liam Yanxi 彦希, Kin Li Qin 李钦, He Derui 何德瑞, and Rimiko Li Junhao 李俊濠.

Sha Ni 沙溺 - Youth With You 3

To watch the rest, do check out Youth With You YouTube channel.

New episodes will be out on every Thursday and Saturday, anticipate the mentor collaboration stages next week on iQiyi.

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