Best performance so far in Girls Planet 999

The ongoing survival program Girls Planet 999 is almost at the end of a new beginning for 9 girls. Even though not all the trainees are lucky enough to make their debut through the program, they do put up good stages along the way.

Here are some of the performance that I personally enjoy watching and even re-watch it. Unlike the other programs where we are usually inclined to sexy or charismatic performance, the girls here nailed it for cute and energetic themed songs.

Ice Cream – Combination Mission

Original singer: Blackpink, Selena Gomez
Performed by Chen Hsinwei, Guinn Myah, Huening Bahiyyih, Ikema Ruan, Kim Dayeon, Kishida Ririka, Hse Nientzu, Wu Tammy,

Applause to Kim Dayeon for the performance and her shining from this stage onwards, proving that she deserves the initial K01.

Fate – Combination Mission

Original singer: Lee Sun Hee
Performed by Choi Yujin, Shen Xiao Ting, Kang Yeseo, Su Ruiqu, May, Yamauchi Moana

A performance that keep you feeling sad yet beautiful. The performance, the choreography are amazing. Really brilliant performance put up by these 6 girls, especially Kang Yeseo.

Snake – Creation Mission

Performed by Shen Xiao Ting, Kim Dayeon, Su Ruiqi, Wen Zhe, Fu Yaning, Ezaki Hikaru, Cai Bing.

The last-minute change of the main vocal to Fu Yaning from Su Ruiqi was initially a good move, but the lack of practice or even a tad bit of greed make the performance less perfect. However, Shen Xiaoting really stood out with her visuals and really showing that she deserves the center position! Felt like Shen Xiaoting and Kim Dayeon saved the entire performance and make me want to re-watch it.

My Sea – Combination Mission

Original singer: IU
Performed by Kim Chae Hyun, Nonka Shana, Jeong Jiyoon, Li Yiman, Sakamoto Shihona, Xu Ziyin

Even though the main vocal flopped the performance, I really love how Chae Hyun injects new life into the song and really stands out here.

Mafia In the Morning – Combination Mission

Original singer: ITZY
Performed by Fu Yaning, Sakamoto Mashiro, Huh Jiwon

Winner of the 3 pax performance, an impactful dance performance song was under ‘Vocal’ and three of them change it up beautifully and compliment each other well.

Fiesta – Connect Mission

Original singer: IZ ONE
Performed by Sakamoto Mashiro, Kang Yeseo,

So which are the performance you prefer? The Top 9 trainees will be graduating and making their debut this Friday on 22 Oct 2021, the votes are so unpredictable so anyone in the Top 18 lineup will have equal chances to debut.

Just some of my predictions, Kim Da Yeon, Choi Yu Jin, Sakamoto Mashiro will definitely make it to debut.

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