Best Position Evaluation Stages on Youth With You 3

YWY3 - Position Evaluation (2)

Youth With You 3 is a Chinese idol survival program with the ultimate aim to debut a nine members boy group at the end of the program. Position evaluation is the very first stage that the 119 trainees will be challenging.

Position evaluation is divided into three main categories, Vocal, Dance, and Rap. Class A, B, C trainees are separated from Class N (for Newbie). The 8 trainees from Class A have the priority to choose their ideal song and the rest are sorted based on the draw and selection of the 1st trainee.

The 18 stages are spread across 3 episodes (4, 5 and 6).

Position: Vocal – Close To You [天天]

Original singer: David Tao 陶喆

Members: Jaydon Chen Jun Yu 陈俊宇, Zhou Zi Jie 周子杰, Shi Shang 时尚, Wei Hong Yu 魏宏宇, Liu Qi 刘琦 (center), Yang Hao Ming 杨昊铭, and Zi Yu 梓渝.

Definitely one of the best stages, a performance that I will revisit even after the episode ended. The vocal group made up of trainees from Class A, B, and C.

Position: Dance – Hero Kick It [英雄 Kick It]

Original singer: NCT 127

Members: Luo Yi Zhou 罗一舟 (leader), ONE Zhong Jun Yi 钟骏一, Yucheon 万禹辰, KK Kong Xiang Chi 孔祥池, Zhang Jing Yun 张景昀, Tony Yu Jing Tian 余景天 (center), and Wukong Wang Jia Chen 汪佳辰.

Their song is prerecorded as they have chosen Dance as their forte for this theme. Backstory, Tony injure his leg during practice and hence this is definitely not his best stage but the stage where he pushes to his best. He was back on crunches after the performance ended and the group mates are really supportive.

Position: Dance – Sunshine, Rainbow, White Pony

Original singer: Wowkie Zhang

Members: Lian Huai Wei 连淮伟, Dow Bai Ting 白丁, Ebon Hwang Qian Yi 黄鉴曦, BoogieFish 草鱼, Ding 陈鼎鼎, Mr. 17 十七君, Sun Yihang 孙亦航, X Duan Xing Xing 段星星 (leader), Neil Liu Guan You 刘冠佑 (center)

The cute themed dance song look effortless but it is actually really tough. This team pull it through and perfectly coordinated which impressed me. The BTS of them practice is just pure fun and joy and make you want to be part of them.

Position: Class N – Gravitation [心引力]

Original singer: Karry Wang 王俊凯 and Jolin Tsai 蔡依林

Members: Jojo Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲, Yang Yang yang 杨阳洋, Li Tian Yi 李添翼, Qiu Dan Feng 邱丹枫, Neil Zhou Jun Yu 周峻宇, and He De Rui 何德瑞.

Made up of trainees from Class N, they really pull it off based on stage attractiveness which is cuteness. Even though there are off beats, off-tunes and awkwardness popping up here and there, but their harmonizing is okay.

More stages will be available on episode 5 which will be aired this Saturday (6 Mar 2021) on iQiyi.

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