Best stages for ‘I Want’ themed in Youth With You 3

YWY3 - 2nd Evaluation Stage - I WANT

Youth With You Season 3 is a Chinese idol survival program with the ultimate aim to debut a nine members boy group at the end of the program.

In the 2nd performance evaluation, 119 trainees are split into different groups based on their age group. The twist in this season is where the production team behind the program give the trainees the rights to create the stage and entire performance

20 – 22 years old, five stages. All five stages are aired in episode 9 and the rest are in the subsequent episode. 18 – 19 years old, two stages. Above 26 only one stage and from 23 – 25 years old there are 3 stages.

Amongst all the stages, here are the top 4 performance I’ve enjoyed listening and watching.

Where Has The Time Gone 【时间都去那儿了】

Original singer: Reno Wang

Members: Zheng Xingyuan 郑星源, Otter 崔云峰, Andy 唐嘉齐, S.Titch 赵瑾尧, DeDe 陈建宇, Kaiden 刘俊昊, Li Tianyi 李添翼, TAOO 杨淘, Leo 刘峰磊, Neil Zhou Jun Yu 周峻宇, Cai Feiyang 蔡飞扬, Lion Lee 李子晨

This performance is the strongest stage among all, made the majority tear a little (and that includes me as an audience back home).

If It Weren’t You【如果不是你】

Original singer: You Zhangjing (尤长靖)

Member: Tony 余景天, Chase Lee 十七, Zi Yu 梓渝, Jacky 杜天宇, ONE Zhong Jun Yi 钟骏一, Dream 曹子俊, Zhang Jingyun 张景昀, Layzon 应晨熙, Neil (Liu Guan You) 刘冠佑, Lucas 杨皓钧

Really impressed with their stability and how they are able to express the song at the age of 18-19 years old. Tony Yu Jing Tian’s vocal exploding is really a pleasant surprise. The entire group enter into their song and what they want to express..

No Music, No Life【无乐不作】

Original singer: Van Fan (范逸臣)

Members: JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲, Luo Yizhou 罗一舟, Chuk 邱丹枫, Krystian 王南钧, Kingston 亿轩, Wang Jiachen 汪佳辰, Han Ruize 韩瑞泽, Fu 付雪岩, Merman 冯陈思楠, KK Kong Xiang Chi 孔祥池

They failed to get the song of their choice, the last group that receives their song that no other groups have selected. This group turns their performance into a band performance. Seeing them enjoying the stage will make you feel that their performance is enjoyable to watch.

The Weight of Life【成长之重量】

Original singer: Li Ronghao

Members: Jiang Jingzuo 姜京佐, Xu Ziwei 徐子未, Liam 彦希, He Derui 何德瑞, Husky 七哈, River 小河, Swen 宣淏, Joker 李硕, Tim 木森, Chen Zilong 陈子龙

Exploding vocals found in this performance. Very simple and clean stage and the introduction clips that’ve film.

As of 14 March 2021, the voting window is closed and 58 trainees will be leaving the training ground. Only 61 trainees based on their ranking position will be able to continue the journey with Youth with You 3.

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