Best stages so far in Queendom 2

Mnet Queendom Stages

Queendom 2 is the sequel from Queendom and Kingdom by Mnet. To some of the groups, it might be the best bet to prove their worth on stage and a second chance to gain popularity.

Hosted by SNSD’s Taeyeon and Lee Yongjin with 6 K-pop groups joining including LOONA, WJSN, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, Kep1er and soloist Hyolyn.

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Survival program, Competition, Music, Showbiz
Native title: 퀸덤2
Original network: Mnet

So far there are 5 episodes out and 4 episodes with 3 stages from each of the groups. The total of 18 stages, here are my (personal) favourite.

Hyolyn – Touch My Body

The first stage and Hyolyn nailed it, the colours and brilliant performance made everyone WOW. Clear No.1 winner voted by the live audiences, global fans as well as internal evaluation.

Kep1er – Opening Show

Among all the opening show, Kep1er is the one that really amazed me and kept my eye balls throughout the show.


Sadly this stage wasn’t count in as the first stage result due to a few members infected with COVID and they have to give it a miss. Thankfully, Taeyeon suggest to let them perform since they have already prepare for it. Here’s the beautiful result.

Apart from this, they pull of their second stage really well with SISTAR’s Shake It. The happy musical vibe performance deserve their 5 million views on YouTube.

WJSN – Navillera

Ranked no. 2 from the first stage performance, WJSN able to pick either Brave Girls, VIVIZ, or Kep1er. Their final choice is VIVIZ and chose a song from GFriend which was their previous group popular song. WJSN has one of the strongest more impactful vocals which adds a lot of flavour to the performance.

Kep1er – Pool Party

Second stage, exchange songs with another group. Brave Girls and Kep1er became auto match when the other 4 groups select each other. From the pool of songs that Brave Girls did, Kep1er did struggle to find the song that suits them, but pull it off anyway.

Which are your favourite stage from the Queens?

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