Best Team A vs B stages on Youth With You 3

YWY3 - EP11-12 3rd Performance

After the first official ranking announcement, we are left with the Top 60 trainees who will be continuing the journey for the 9 debut spots.

In episodes 11 and 12, we will have the Team A vs Team B stages. This is the first stage that really tests the trainees in a boy group setting where everyone has their own prominent part. E.g. Center, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, etc.

Songs including Okay by Jackson Wang, Cinderella by CNBlue, Stop Sugar by Gen Neo, History by EXO-M, Stand, and Tou Tou. The following is my preference and it is definitely okay to think otherwise.

Team B – History

Original singer: EXO-M

Team B Trainees: Liu Jun 刘隽, Jiang Jingzuo 姜京佐, Krystian 王南钧, Otter 崔云峰, and ONE Zhong Jun Yi 钟骏一

First, they are comparably more stable and many trainees shine. Jiang Jingzuo first time as the center and prove himself. Liu Jun prove that he is not only a dance machine, he can sing as well. Otter’s vocal stability.

Team A – Okay

Original singer: Jackson Wang

Team A trainees: Tony Yu Jing Tian 余景天, Kachine Sun Yinghao 孙滢皓, Kingston Yixuan 亿轩, He Derui 何德瑞, and Chase Lee Shiqi 十七

Feel that overall performance stability is there and they caught my attention while performing. Outside of stage performance, this team actually has way lesser time to practice together (2 days) as many members need to film for other content.

Btw, Kingston really suit this song.

Team B – Stop Sugar

Original singer: Gen Neo

Team B trainees: Luo Yizhou 罗一舟, JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲, Kin Li Qin 李钦, Nemo Xu Xinci 徐新驰, Wang Jiachen 汪佳辰

Definitely a challenging song for a team that is not strong at vocal, but compared both teams, B is comparably stable to A. Wang Jiachen really shine again and Luo Yizhou once again prove his stage charisma (even though one minor hiccup, but that’s okay.).

Team B – Tou Tou

Original singer: Cai Hefeng 蔡鹤峰

Team B trainees: Jeremy Deng Zheming 邓泽鸣, Jacky Du Tianyu 杜天宇, Yuta 桥本裕太, Xu Ziwei 徐子未, and Kaiden Liu Junhao 刘俊昊

I’m sorry to say, but this is hands down Team B. Definitely a song that I will revisit and re-watch it even after this program ends.

Team A – Stand

Original singer: JA符龙飞 (Jason)

Team A trainees: X Duan Xing Xing 段星星, Neil Liu Guan you 刘冠佑, Crayon Cheng Yugeng 陈誉庚, Ailizati 艾力扎提, and Vic Wei Xingcheng 魏星丞

I am so so so impressed with this team, Stand is the hardest song among all and this group of trainee pull it off. #onrepeat This is my favorite stage for the 3rd performance stage!

Team A – Cinderella

Original singer: CNBlue

Team A trainees: Lian Huaiwei 连淮伟, Waston Chang Huasen 常华森, Liam Yanxi 彦希, Bai Lu 白陆, and Li Mingxu 黎明旭

At the end of episode 12, the ranking is back up revealing the 60 trainees position change.

The 3rd performance – Battle of Team A and Team B is still ongoing and currently only 8 teams across 4 songs and the rest will be aired next Thursday and Saturday. After the 3rd performance, only top 35 are able to process to the next round.

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