Blackpink reveals teaser and image for 24/365 with BLACKPINK

24/365 with BLACKPINK Vari24/365 with BLACKPINK Variety showety show24/365 with BLACKPINK Variety show

Previously on 13 Jun, Blackpink released a mysterious video ’24/365 with BLACKPINK Prologue’ of the members sitting down dress like informal anchors interviewing each other.

When they are greeting BLINKS (fandom name) Lisa suggest Jennie to go with ageyo (acting cute) but when Jisoo arrow it to Liza, she refuses it. Lisa mentioned that she needs to keep up her strict mentor image due to her role now. She’s the dance mentor for the Chinese idol survival program, Youth With You 2.

The variety show will showcase their daily lives, the ‘VLOG style’. Each of them came up with a name for the show and after letting BLINKS to vote, the final winner is Liza. ’24/365′ which is part of the lyrics from their song ‘Whistle’.

Check it out here

The dates have been confirmed! The first episode of 24/365 Blackpink will be release on YouTube on 4 July 2020 (this Saturday) at 9AM (KST).

24/365 with BLACKPINK Variety show
24/365 with BLACKPINK Variety show

For those who want to find out more about the girls, I personally enjoy watching their previous show ‘Blackpink house’ which they convert a house in Hongdae, Seoul and stayed there for 100 days.

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