Boys Planet 2nd Mission Battle – Position

Boys Planet 2nd Mission

Boys Planet is an ongoing idol trainee survival program that aims to debut a project 9-member boy group at the end of the show. Starting from 98 boys, 52 survived from the 1st Evaluation Ranking and continue their journey.

51 boys started their 2nd Mission battle on episode 6 and upcoming 7. Position battle no longer holds one, but 2 positions.

(Lee Hwan Hee dropped out of the program due to health reasons. He is still currently under treatment and you will see him pop by at the end of the episode. GWS!)


The benefits of wining for each category is insane, on top of the chance to perform at M Countdown, the 1st place of the group winner will receive additional 150,000 votes. For this 2nd mission, Zhang Hao (for Vocal and Rap team), Kim Gyu Vin (for Vocal and Dance team) and Park Han Bin (for Rap and Dance team) are the recipients.

On Episode 7, the remaining 8 groups performed to their utmost best.

To sum up the results of episode 7;

  1. TOMBOY Team – Zhang Hao (849 votes)
  2. Limousine Team – Park Ji Hoo (795 votes)
  3. LAW Team – Park Han Bin (757 votes)
  4. Rush Hour Team – Ricky (745 votes)
  5. Man In Love Team – Kim Tae Rae (740 votes)
  6. Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms Team – Jeong I Chan (730 votes)
  7. Feel Special Team – Zhang Shuai Bo (703 votes)
  8. Butterfly Team – Chen Kuan Jui (696 votes)

LAW – Rap and Dance

Image 12

Members: Lee Ye Dam (Center), Na Kamden, Park Han Bin (Leader, 1st – 757 votes), Wang Zi Hao, and Han Yu Jin

To me, this group is almost an ace team. Wang Zi Hao and Lee Ye Dam is known to be good dancers among all the trainees. Park Han Bin’s leadership style is something I really respect and he continue his training with the boys to deliver the best stage. Na Kamden *boy is he good*, i’m just happy that he is with this team.

Man In Love – Vocal and Rap

Image 16

Members: Kim Tae Rae (Center, 1st place – 740 votes), Lee Dong Yeol, Jung Min Gyu, and Choi Woo Jin.

Good stage, really did their best. Tae Rae’s vocal is so good, he made sure he had eye contact with live audience, but… next time look at the camera too!

Rush Hour – Rap and Dance

Image 15

Members: Ricky (Center, 1st place – 745 votes), Ma Jing Xiang, Oh Sung Min (Leader), Hiroto, and Takuto

This team has one of the most friction during the preparation of Rush Hour and happens between the Chinese trainees, Ricky and Ma Jing Xiang. Sung Min as a leader is stressed out when a member made harsh comments on his leadership style. At the end, is just 1 against all and I believe to a certain extend, its not all contributed by ‘evil edits’.

Limousine – Vocal and Rap

Image 14

Members: Anthonny (Center), Park Ji Hoon (1st place – 795 votes), and Krystian.

Surprisingly, they did really well, especially Park Ji Hoon. Him writing his feelings towards the editors of Boys Planet is really *claps*, its goes “During the 1st and 2nd episode, I was not even edited in.” and he received All Stars with his friend.

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms – Vocal and Rap

Image 13

Members: Lee Da Eul (Center), Jeong I Chan (Main Vocal, 1st place – 730 votes), Bak Do Ha (Main rapper)

Feel Special – Vocal and Dance

Image 17

Members: Cha Woong Ki (Center, Leader), Lee Dong Gun, Zhang Shuai Bo (1st place – 703 points), Cai Jin Xin

This result made me feel disgusted, unfair and disappointed. If you have followed through the episode that leads up to the performance and even watching the performance… It is so clear that only Cha Woong Ki deserve that 1st place with him, solo carrying every single member.

Butterfly – Vocal and Dance

Image 18

Members: Chen Kuan Jui (Center, Leader, 1st place – 696 votes), Cong, Lim Jun Seo, and Brian

TOMBOY – Vocal and Rap

Image 11

Members: Sung Han Bin (Center), Lee Hoe Taek (Leader, Main Vocal), Zhang Hao (1st place – 849 votes), Park Gun Wook (Main Rapper)

This is no doubt, my FAVOURITE performance for the 2nd mission. Apart from seeing #haobin together, my K and G group’s centers are really breaking through with their performance every time. Of course, our main vocal Hoe Taek and main rapper Gun Wook did a brilliant job here.

All in all, its an enjoyable performance to watch repeatedly. Crown of the night goes to them, without a single doubt!

Original post

On Episode 6, 4 teams performed which includes Rap and Dance songs like GANG, ZOOM, followed by Vocal and Dance songs, HOME and Love Killa.

To sum up the results of episode 6;

  1. Love Killa Team – Kim Gyu Vin (758 votes)
  2. ZOOM Team – Keita (736 votes)
  3. GANG Team – Lee Seung Hwan (700 votes)
  4. HOME Team – Yoon Jong Woo (660 votes)

Check out their performances

GANG – Rap and Dance

Boys Planet 2nd Mission Stage Gang

Members: Lee Seung Hwan (Center, 1st place – 700 votes), Kum Jun Hyeon (Main dancer), Lee Jeong Hyeon, Mun Jung Hyun, and Chen Jian Yu.

This group comprise of mainly members from K Group and most of them landed here after being kick out from their 1st choice.

Home – Vocal and Dance

Boys Planet 2nd Mission Stage Home

Members: Yoo Seung Eon (Center), Yoon Jong Woo (Leader, 1st place – 660 votes), Jay Chang, Ji Yun Seo, Dang Hong Hai (4th place – 580 votes)

Overall, it is definitely a song that many of them want to avoid due to the challenging dance and demanding vocals. Being squeezed out of Love Killa into Home, Jong Woo did a good job here even though it is not his forte. (Foresee his ranking will keep going up ever since the brilliant performance for K Group’s Back Door.)

Zoom – Rap and Dance

Boys Planet 2nd Mission Stage Zoom

Members: Park Hyun Been (Center), Keita (Main Rapper, leader, 1st place – 736 votes), Haruto, Wumuti, and Ollie.

On the flip side, most members from this team are from G Group. Keita is here to create a perfect performance like how he did his magic for Kill This Love – G Group performance in the first mission.

Love Killa – Vocal and Dance

Boys Planet 2nd Mission Stage Love Killa

Members: Kim Ji Woong (Center), Seok Matthew (Leader), Kim Gyu Vin (1st place – 758 votes), and Seo Won

Matthew push and challenged himself for the first time by taking up the role as the leader. It is definitely one learning curve but really proud of him wanting to try.

(Mnet, please don’t cut his screen time even more… it’s obvious in this episode already.)

(Just speculating) Mnet released a 30-sec performance for all the groups that will be aired in episode 7, earlier. This might be to increase the level of fairness as the voting process is still ongoing daily until 17 March 2023 (at 10 AM KST) and episode 7 will only release on 16 March 2023 (at 8:50 PM KST).

If you are curious of the line up or just want to take a glimpse of it. Here you go.

Honestly pretty hyped by this and really looking forward to especially the following stages.

  • LAW – LIT!!! Every single member in this group is like a dark horse in Boys Planet. Park Han Bin, Lee Ye Dam, Wang Zi Hao, and Na Kamden
  • TOMBOY (for obvious reasons) – #haobin Zhang Hao and Sung Han Bin combination with Hoe Taek and Gun Wook.
  • Man in Love – Changing up the song entire vibe and Tae Rae here!

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