Boys Planet 3rd Mission – Artist Battle

Boys Planet 3rd Mission Artist Battle

We are approaching the final lap of Boys Planet really soon. The recent 10th episode of the show concludes the 3rd mission battle amongst the Top 28 trainees.


The overall result with Over Me winning this battle and the benefits include 200,000 benefit votes for all members, an MCountdown performance opportunity, and the most crucial benefit, a mini fan meet. On top of that, Zhang Hao will receive an additional 200,000 votes for being the 1st within the Over Me team.

  1. Over Me – 621 votes
  2. Say My Name – 612 votes
  3. En Garde – 597 votes
  4. SuperCharger – 470 votes
  5. Switch – 432 votes

In terms of the top member from each performance, we have;

  1. Over Me – Zhang Hao (852 votes) *Tie with Haruto from SuperCharger as the top
  2. Say My Name – Sung Han Bin (826 votes)
  3. Switch – Park Han Bin (741 votes)


Member: Na Kamden (Leader), Park Han Bin (Killing part, 1st place – 741 points), Keita, Kim Tae Rae (Main Vocal), Yoon Jong Woo, and Zhang Shuai Bo

Say My Name

Members: Sung Han Bin (Leader, 1st place – 826 votes), Han Yu Jin (Killing part),  Yoo Seung Eon, Seok Matthew, and Kim Ji Woong.

Over Me

Members: Zhang Hao (Leader, Killing part, 1st place – 852 votes), Chen Kuan Jui, Jay (Main vocal), Lee Jeong Hyeon, and Ricky

Original post

On episode 9 and the upcoming episode 10, the 28 trainees will continue the mission to compete for the final 18 seats to debut night on 20 April 2023. Episode 9 reveals 2 groups’ performances including SuperCharger and En Garde.

To sum up the results;

  1. SuperCharger – Haruto (852 votes)
  2. En Garde – Kim Gyu Vin (748 votes)


Members: Haruto (Leader, Killing Part, 1st place – 852 votes), Cha Woong Ki, Seo Won, Wang Zi Hao, Ollie, and Takuto.

Apart from Haruto, the rest are gathered together from their original songs. Training is definitely tougher due to the song’s difficulty as well as the limited time they are granted.

With Haruto receiving 852, he beats the highest record of Zhang Hao who received 849 for his performance TOMBOY.

En Garde

Members: Park Gun Wook (Killing part), Lee Hoe Taek (Main vocal), Lee Seung Hwan, Kim Gyu Vin (1st place – 748 votes), Hiroto, and Kum Jun Hyeon.

All 6 of them are from their original song. All members of En Garde successfully proceed to the top 28, however, the final lineup only allows 6 members.

Similar to the previous mission, Mnet released the 30-sec performance for the remaining unaired 3 groups to be slightly fairer as the global voting window will end a few hours after the episode air next week.

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