Boys Planet Final Evaluation Ranking

Boys Planet 3rd Evaluation Top 9

Episode 11, 13 April is the nerve-wreaking final evaluation announcement. Back on 7 April 2023, 3 PM (KST), we took a glimpse when the ranking was broadcasted live globally via Mnet’s YouTube channel. We know that Park Han Bin successfully moved up 2 ranks and made it to the finals at No. 11.

Boys Planet just concluded their 3rd battle – Artist Mission on episodes 9 and 10 with Team Overdose winning the challenge and awarded 200,000 votes per member and Zhang Hao received an additional 200,000 votes for winning No.1 in the team, congratz to Over Me!

Only the Top 18 trainees will be able to proceed to the debut night on 20 April to fight for the 9 debut spots.

Sung Han Bin still secures his No.1 spot with a 1 million votes difference to No. 2, Zhang Hao. The No. 2 to No.3 spot has a big gap of 806,760 votes. No. 3 to 5 trainees have a really small difference. No. 6 and 7 also have marginal differences in votes only.

Boys Planet Top 18

Here are our Top 18 trainees who will be proceeding to debut night and how their ranks are affected from the 2nd evaluation ranking.

  1. Sung Han Bin (-)
  2. Zhang Hao (-)
  3. Kim Ji Woong (+2)
  4. Kim Tae Rae (+3)
  5. Han Yun Jin (-2)
  6. Keita (+2)
  7. Kim Gyu Vin (-1)
  8. Ricky (+6)
  9. Seok Matthew (-5)
  10. Lee Hoe Taek (+1)
  11. Park Han Bin (+2)
  12. Park Gun Wook (-3)
  13. Jay (-1)
  14. Yoo Seung Eon (+3)
  15. Yoon Jong Woo (-)
  16. Kum Jun Hyeon (-6)
  17. Lee Jeong Hyeon (+7)
  18. Na Kamden (-2)

The final is just 1 week away, it will be taking place in Jamsil Stadium on 20 April 2023, 8:50 PM (KST).

Voting for your ONE PICK has begun.

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