Familiar faces from Boys’ Planet that were seen on Youth With You

Boys Planet Trainees From Youth With You

The upcoming idol survival program Boys’ Planet 2023 is a sequel to the first prequel Girls’ Planet that produce Kep1er. It is still a controversial program due to many counts of vote manipulation cases, Mnet still go around the rules and release Girls’ Planet.

In Girls’ Planet, the contestants are spilt into 3 different planets based on the country of origin; South Korea, Japan and China. Based on what was released, Boys’ Planet’s 98 contestants are spilt into 2 planets, South Korea and Global.

As always, out of the large number of contestants, there will be a few familiar faces. As per the title, we are only narrowing it down to the trainees that appear in China’s Youth With You series that produced NINE Percent, UNINE and IXFORM.

Krystian Wang Nan Jun

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He is a former member of Now United but left a strong impression with his participation in Youth With You 3 ended off in the finals ranked 20. Given the nickname ‘Nancy’, Krystian is a confident individual that grabs any chance before his eyes.

Check out his interaction with Blackpink’s Lisa who was the Dance Mentor.

Crayon Chen Yu Geng

Image 2
Image 3

Former Cube Entertainment trainee but better known as a contestant in Youth With You 3 ended at rank 21, almost into the finals.

Zhang Shuai Bo/ Zhang Shu Aibo

Image 4
Image 5

Participant of Youth With You 3 but was not apparent as he was eliminated from the first round with final rank of 100.

Chen Jian Yu aka De De

Image 6
Image 7

Participate in Youth With You 3 but was eliminated in the first round with his final ranking of 66.

Xuan Hao

Image 8
Image 9

Former contestant of Youth With You 3 who did not made his mark. Ended off at rank 62 and sent home after the first round.

Wen Ye Chen

Image 10
Image 11

He participated in the first Youth with You that produce UNINE, ended off at No. 29 which is pretty good. Also a former JYP Entertainment trainee.

Check out his vocal performance here

Boys’ Planet will premiere on 2 Feb 2023, 8 PM (KST). Meanwhile, you can check out their themed song performance Here I Am.

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