Boys Planet wraps up with new beginnings

Boys Planet Top 9

The nerve-racking finals of Boys Planet successfully wrapped up on 20 April 2023. I guess many of you started watching Boys Planet because we’ve followed through Girls Planet 999 and witnessed the birth of Kep1er. But none of us knew that we are heavily invested in Boys Planet even more (at least for me).

Boys Planet, on paper, is a sequel to Girls Planet 999, but deep down everyone knows the competitions and format is closely related to the Produce series (which might be a taboo still). And you know what, I actually really appreciate this format apart from the vote manipulation.

Back to the finals, held in Jamsil Stadium with over 6,000 star creators along with the star masters, kep1er, the trainees, and their families.

Here I Am (Top 18)

Started off with the theme song ‘Here I Am’ by the Top 18 trainees. Center shared by Sung Han Bin and Zhang Hao who are P01 and P02 in the final evaluation. Singing and dancing the bridge together again is what fans are working towards. #haobin

Followed by the 2 new song performances; Jelly Pop and Hot Summer

Jelly Pop

Members: Zhang Hao (Killing part), Seok Matthew, Park Gun Wook, Lee Hoe Taek (Main Vocal), Yoo Seung Eon, Na Kamden, Jay, Park Han Bin, and Kum Jun Hyeon.

Hot Summer

Members: Sung Han Bin (Killing part, Main Vocal), Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, Kim Ji Woong, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Yoon Jong Woo, Han Yun Jin, Keita, and Ricky.


The announcement took a really long time…. but I’m happy that each member (now an artist) is given a good amount of time for their speech.

May I present to you…. members of ZEROBASEONE (zb1)

  1. Zhang Hao (G Group, Yuehua Entertainment)
  2. Sung Han Bin (K Group, STUDIO GL1DE)
  3. Seok Matthew (G Group, MNH Entertainment)
  4. Ricky (G Group, Yuehua Entertainment)
  5. Park Gun Wook (K Group, Jellyfish Entertainment)
  6. Kim Tae Rae (K Group, WAKEONE)
  7. Kim Gyu Vin (K Group, Yuehua Entertainment)
  8. Kim Ji Woong (K Group, Individual Trainee)
  9. Han Yu Jin (K Group, Yuehua Entertainment)
Top 1 and 2
Number 9

Behind – Master Appreciation

The 18 trainees prepare an appreciation session for the Star Masters, team up to decorate cakes, and present them to the respective master. Of course, boys being boys, they rewrote the lyrics to ‘Here I Am’ to roast the masters as well (which is really cute).

Behind – Late night talks about first impressions

1 day before the finals, the 18 trainees gathered together to talk about their first impressions and spent the last night all in 1 room.

How you like that?

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