Current Bias in Produce X 101

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After I started watching from the very beginning, I start to see more potentials and stories behind the 101 trainees.

Here are a few trainees that I support.

Song Yu Vin (The Music Works)

This is my ultimate favourite when I watched the Lullaby performance.

Current Bias In Produce X 101Current Bias In Produce X 101

He’s vocals and visuals just caught my eye. It is sad that there’s a mic malfunction during the first performance but glad that it all worked out in the end.

After watching from the beginning, I then know that he debuted as an idol and even competed in Superstar K. But it did not work out, so I hope he will be able to debut again in the project group.

Kim Yo Han (OUI Entertainment)

You have to watch his first “audition”. He is smart and quirky to work his way through Class A despite his short training period.

Visual is also there, like bad boy that will draw National Producers’ attention with. I mean… LOOK!

Current Bias In Produce X 101

Kim Si Hun (Brand New Music)

I mean, I’m impressed by all the four trainees that Brand New sent. After 2 successfully debut through Wanna One, everyone have their eyes on them and they did not disappoint anyone. Si Hun caught my attention when he is always there to support the fellow members like a leader.

The way he present himself and the attitude is really good. All 4 of them perform well like they made their debut already.

Kim Woo Seok (TOP Media)

Another idol that did debut but start seeing lesser and lesser work over time. I guess after NU’EST joined season 2, idols start to see the chance to reborn again in the industry.

Woo Seok debut as a member of UP10TION. But he caught my attention during the battle with Love Shot stage.

There are more trainees that are potential bias wreckers and I shall continue to see their performance in the next few episodes. But obviously I do want these 4 trainees to make their debut in the project group!

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