Debut of The Nine from ‘Youth With You Season 2’

For those who are following Youth With You Season 2 青春有你第二季, the final 9 girls are selected by national producers and after half a year of practicing together.

Before the list reveal, here are my ideal list of the 9 members. Of course, it will not go your way every time.

Ideal members of The X Nine (Youth With You 2)
Ideal members of The X Nine (Youth With You 2)
  1. Kiki Xu 许佳琪 (centre)
  2. Yu Yan 喻言
  3. Snow Kong Xue Er 孔雪儿
  4. Babymonster An 安崎
  5. Aria Jin 金子涵
  6. Sharon Wang Cheng Xuan 王承渲
  7. Three 孙芮
  8. Jenny Zeng 曾妮
  9. Flora Dai 戴燕妮

Still, let’s welcome to the reality. Here are the nine members.

The Members

#1 Liu Yu Xin

Birth name: 劉雨昕
Votes: 17,359,242

#2 Esther Yu

Birth Name: 虞书欣
Votes: 12,963,420

#3 Kiki Xu

Birth name:许佳琪
Votes: 9,086,752

#4 Yu Yan

Birth Name: 喻言
Votes: 7,198,164

#5 Shaking

Birth Name: 谢雪
Votes: 6,826,411

#6 Babymonster An

Babymonster An Qi 安崎
Babymonster An Qi 安崎

Birth Name: 陈雅馨
Votes: 4,488,860

#7 Zhao Xiao Tang

Birth Name: 赵小棠
Votes: 4,392,255

#8 Snow Kong Xue Er

Birth Name: 孔雪儿
Votes: 4,001,966

#9 Lu Ke Ran

Birth Name: 陆柯燃

For those who wants to check out their stages.

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