Favourite Performance from the Star Evaluation Test on Boys Planet

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Did you catch the latest idol survival program Boys Planet? 98 trainees from different agencies are gathered and begin filming last Winter to compete for a chance to debut in a 9-member boy group this year.

Boys Planet is a second season by Mnet which seen smooth ‘delivery’ and success from their first season, Girls Planet 999 in 2021 which debut Kep1er in 2022.

After months of going through the initial ranking which they term it as Star Evaluation Test, the first episode premiere on 2 Feb 2023.

Completed the first 2 episodes as well as those that did not made into the Final Cut but was released on YouTube.

For a little lore context before we begin. This year, the program spilt the 98 boys into 2 main groups, K stands for Korea and G for Global.

Here are a few of my favourite performance by the boys.

G Group – America team’s Rush Hour

Jay definitely caught everyone’s attention with Rush Hour and his confidence by asking the crowd if they’ve heard of the song before.

K and G Group – Yue Hwa Entertainment’s Kick It

Literally can tell how much they practice together to nail it perfectly. Both K and G groups did well, same song but fairly different approach to it.

G Group – Seok Matthew’s All I Want to Do

There’s a charm that caught my attention. Apart from the editors wanting to highlight Seok Matthew and Sung Han Bin’s close friendship, both of them are equally good to be in the debut line up.

K Group – Lee Hoe Taek’s Shut Down

Definitely not click bait here. Even though a senior in Kpop industry, Hoe Taek humbles down and I can definitely see the similarity the editors are going for here (hint: Yujin in Girls Planet 999).

HUI now want to be known as Hoe Taek used his strength in producing to inject a new life to Blackpink’s Shut Down.

G Group – Wake One’s Glitch Mode

They are the unique ones that requested to do a mini rehearsals before the mentors. The request caught the mentors off guard but appreciate them for producing a stage that worth the time!

K Group – Sung Han Bin’s Beautiful Beautiful

K Group – Wake One’s The Real

Special performance

Of course we can’t miss this out. Here are some of my favourite performance that the trainees put up which I really admire them for their confidence.

Zhang Hao’s Violin

My House combine stage

This is for entertainment but I do recognise them for their effort as well as determination to show their best.

You can start voting for your Top 9 on Mnet Plus every day. For Singapore audience, catch new episodes on Viu every Thursday.

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