First Impression: GOT7’s Real Thai


DISCLAIMER: I’m very bias to GOT7, and also am Ahgase, so my reviews might be too overwhelming. 

Genre: Variety
No. of episodes: NIL
Original network: XtvN

Starting 16 Jan 2019, every Wednesday and English subs will be out the following day on Viu Premium.

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

I guess even before they announce about this variety, Ahgases’ account are flooded by images and news updates of them traveling to Thailand.

After XtvN confirmed and starts to market this program in Mid December 2018, we are looking forward to 16 Jan even more.

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

#1 Learn about Thai Culture & History

I love the part that we are learning about Thailand as well. Not the usual shopping in Bangkok, but the history of Thailand and the culture as well. I guess this is also the reason why the PD chose GOT7 for this variety show, since they are pretty well known in Thailand, especially Bambam and Mark.

This is a series of mission set for GOT7 (or GOT4) to find the 7 lucks.


Love all the variety shows, seeing more of them off stage really make us (ahgases) happy. Bickering happens to everyone, and seeing them bicker is really cute. #Markjin

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

Always get attracted by one through variety shows, e.g. Jennie from Blackpink, Seong Wu from Wanna One, Daniel from Wanna One, P.O. from Block B and many more.

Even though there will be debate on they are still not fully themselves onscreen and some might be acting even on variety show.

No one have an answer and this is really subjective. I choose to believe that is closer towards their real true self as compared to drama.

#3 Infamous places of interest you can mark in your itinerary

Even though we are only at episode 2, there are places that we can start to mark in our itinerary for our next trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

#4 Leader Youngjae

Interesting how I slowly see Youngjae really stands out in variety show, especially since Hard Carry 2, chasing tail game. Now, he volunteer himself as the Leader but after that he did regret a little.

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credits: @XtvN

Still, want to see more of the magnae line leading the group.

#5 Competitive Mark

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

Can’t wait to see more of them! Every Thursday is my favorite day since its the day when the Subs is out.

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai

For those who are curious where are the other GOT3 (JB, Jackson and Yugyeom), they did explain that JB is engaged in another variety show, Jackson is busy with overseas schedule and our magnae, Yugyeom is in the jungle (Law of the Jungle).

First Impression Got7 039 S Real Thai
Sorry, I just have to include this, my bias Jinyoung and his smile. 

Credits: Gifs, Images: @imjaebumaf