First impression of Youth With You Season 2

Youth With You 2, Trainers Ella, Lisa, Kun and Jony J

Yes, another idol trainee survival program is currently airing and ongoing. Youth With You Season 2 青春有你2 is the 2nd season and this time round we have 100 female trainees instead.

After completing the Youth With You and see the birth of UNINE, I’m staying #hopeful that they are going to be a success at least in China. Now we have the female trainees and a girl group will debut soon.

The trainers, we have fresh faces and I got to say, Ella and Kun’s duo is one that I really enjoy watching.

  • National Producer – Nine Percent’s centre Cai Xu Kun (He is the centre, no.1 for the Idol Producer which debut nine percent)
  • Vocal Instructor – S.H.E’s Ella Chen
  • Dance Instructor – Blackpink’s Liza
  • Rap Instructor – Jony J

Different opening

Instead of the terrifying 100/101 chairs on set and immediately go through evaluation, this season they open with a long table of hundred chairs and feast (hogward’s feast in barbie castle).

The sequence is different from the past seasons be it China or South Korea version. Just one complain, the editing skills is really off and it is jumble up quite a fair bit which is frustrating to follow through.

Trainees that left quite an impression

Jue Chen – Sitting beside Ella in the opening wearing “China Girl” pulling a poker face with almost awkward moment with everyone. When she start to sing, instantly feels like ‘Voice of China’ instead of the idol program.

Babymonster An and Frhanm Shangguan – oh, they are charisma is overflowing and kind of overshadowed the other two members. Their solo challenge is AMAZING as well.

Sharon Wang – She is the adorable soul during opening and when she starts to rap… WOAH! Have to add on, the song Bad Girl is her first self-produce song. *CLAPS!*

Snow Kong and Zhao Xiao Tang – They are so coordinated and the rap is so clear and nice.

Zoe Wang – Zoe, zoe, zoe, she has the ability to transport you to another dimension. Just listen… you will understand.

Zhang You and Yvonne Wang – They are just so entertaining. Even though visually it is hard to picture them in a girl group, but they really can sing and let audience enjoy the stage.

Any bias spotted?

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