Guide to Gamsung Camping

JTBC's new variety show, Gamsung Camping 갬성캠핑 with Park Na Rae, Ahn Young Mi, Park So Dam, Solar and Son Na Eun.

Brand new variety show by JTBC, Gamsung Camping 갬성캠핑 is a light-hearted program help to ease our thirst from traveling during this pandemic. The fixed cast includes comedian Park Na Rae and Ahn Young Mi, actress Park So Dam, MAMAMOO’s Solar, and youngest Apink’s Son Na Eun.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Travel, Variety, Food

Follow the ladies where they find similar looking/vibe places within South Korea that reminds them of another country.

Episode 1 – Switzerland

Gamsung Camping episode 1

The first episode, we have actor Song Sung Heon travel and camp with the ladies to a Switzerland lookalike place. Celebrities get together and build their own camp site. Getting deep while enjoying the rosti, cheese fondue and more food and drinks.

Episode 2 – Vietnam

Staying in the same city, they move to another part that look similar to Vietnam. Waking up and greeted with the amazing view, one of the perks of camping.

Song Sung Heon imitate to cook the ladies breakfast and turn into somewhat funny twist.

Episode 3 – Canada

Moving to the next destination, the ladies reached Jeongseon which has the Canada vibe. Along with their guest Lee Sang Yun and Cho Dal Hwan. They challenged one of the longest and fastest zipline in South Korea.

Episode 4 – Finland

Continuing the camping trip with Lee Sang Yun and Cho Dal Hwan. Na Rae prepared fresh trout to feast with her camping buddies.

Episode 5 – West Side Vibe

Ever glowing Actress Lee Min Jung joined the girls on the camping trip, dressed based on the Western theme to fit the scenery of Pocheon, South Korea. Min Jung brought her side dishes and whipped up dishes which made them feel blessed.

Episode 6 – Greece

Waking up to a new day, setting another adventure with Lee Min Jung they visited the site that Kingdom was film. Utterly amazed by mother nature and that it is real before their eyes in their home country.

Episode 7 and 8 – Italy

Joining them, the new camping buddy Cha Tae Hyun to the Naples of Korea – Samcheok. Dressed to fit the Italy vibe, they bring the traditional pizza oven to the camping site for pizza and pasta.

Episode 9 – Mexico

The girls travelled to Taean, South Chungcheong Province a place with strong Mexican vibe. Na Rae’s closest friends in the industry joined them in the journey, Yoon Gyun Sang, Yang Se Chan and Han Yoon Seo.

They sat down after dinner and a game of truth begins.

Episode 10 – Christmas

Continuing the camping journey, the campers are less strangers and closer with each other. Yang Se Chan left and his brother Yang Se Hyung joined the campers. Christmas gift exchanging after the feast.

Episode 11 – Hawaii

Heading to the most romantic island, Jeju Island. The campers are joined by 1st Generation idol Eun Ji Won and Winner’s Miho. Challenge the exciting water sports in winter beach.

Episode 12 – New Zealand

Moving to another part of Jeju Island, the campers embark on their final day camping together with a secret mission.

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