Guan Yue and Lian Huai Wei dance to Youth With You after 2 years

Lian Huai Wei and Guan Yue dance Youth With You after 2 years

This post probably hit those that watched Youth With You 青春有你 and now tuning in to the third season. Guan Yue from UNINE made his debut through Youth With You by finishing at 2nd place but Lian Huai Wei ended at 10th and did not make his debut.

He challenges the same program again after 2 years and starts fresh. Through the variety element, the program found Guan Yue to host the entertainment segment and both of them meet again on screen.

Fate? No idea but things happened and they were cue to dance to their first stage back in 2019. Both of them did not forget it and pull an almost perfect impromptu performance.

Check out their ‘re-dance’ here

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