Guide: Dining Together Ep 143


Dining together (or Let’s Eat Dinner Together) is an ongoing variety show since 2016. However, I recently notice and watched one episode that feature our dear X1 members, Kim Yohan and Kim Woo Seok.

Original network: JTBC
Native title: 한끼줍쇼

Available on ViuTV for people based in Singapore.

How it works

The guest(s) of the episode will be visiting one estate in South Korea (mainly Seoul) with the main hosts Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu, knock on the door of any neighbor starting from 6 PM (KST) and hope they are able to invite them in for dinner.

Supportive Yohan

During the initial introduction, Woo Seok intro himself as “X1’s innocent and sexy”, Yohan is just fanboy-ing behind.

Guide Dining Together Ep 143

Guide Dining Together Ep 143

Two families

Both of the members was split into 2 groups, Kang Ho Dong team up with Yohan because both of them are athletics based. Lee Kyung Kyu team up with Woo Seok.

This episode, they head to Apgujeong Rodeo Street 압구정 로데오 거리 which is where all the luxury apartments are located in. First visited the area’s real estate office and have a good brief understanding of the history behind Apgujeong and the prices of the apartments.

To me Apgujeong in Seoul is similar to Orchard Road in Singapore. 

Ho Dong and Yohan went first and got really lucky. They entered a family with oriental doctor, a judge and their supportive daughter.

On the other side, Kyung Kyu and Woo Seok had a hard time finding a family to dine with. But eventually they found a family that moved to Korea from the States 3.5 years ago.

You can imagine how different their dinner can be. Really enjoyed watching the episode with them and will want to find other episodes with other guests as well.

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