Guide to All the Butler (Ep 1 – 3)

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I guess I will be doing a series of guides based on the number of “Masters”. Even though this series aired quite some time (started since 2018), I only pull myself to start it recently.

Currently, at the fourth master and all I can say, everyone brings a different story and inspiration which this is what keeps me hooked.


Since this is the first post, it will be lengthy with a background of the fixed cast members which includes:

  • Lee Seung Gi (This is his first job after he was discharged from the army, and while he is with All the Butler, he was filming Korean Odyssey.)
  • Lee Sang Yu (If you are a Kdrama fan, you will definitely see him before. If not, he is a fresh meat for our variety section.)
  • Yang Se Hyung (Keep seeing him recently, and you might be able to identify him in Village Survival, the eight.)
  • Yook Sung Jae (our supporting actor in Goblin, also a member of BTOB!)

A good mix of actors, a veteran in variety, actor, comedian and idol. Really understand them better through variety show which always gives you sudden attack.

Episode 1 – Introduction

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Basically, this is an episode to introduce viewers the show, what is it about and also the prank of our variety newbie Lee Sang Yu. I still remember his flustered face when the members suddenly attack into his personal space (home) and say he is the first master.

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An elite in Korea, a physic student in SNU (Seoul National University, which is hard to get in) he was shocked but tries to absorb the variety component with nonstop analyzing situations.

Episode 2 & 3 – Master In Kwon

Don’t purse too many things at once, it is very tiring.

A well-respected rock star in his 70s going 80 and still rocking the stage in Korea. When the butlers are choosing who they want to meet, Sungjae added one sticker to his photo.

His diet for the entire day is only rice crust. He will boil it with water and only eat rice crust and his favourite honey powder. Reason being, he has performance the following few days and he wants to prevent the possibility of an upset stomach.

Related image

Music, the lyrics that speaks so much to Sungjae and Sangyu that they cried when the master sang “Please”. Reading the translation of the lyrics, you will get why they teared. (found the song but in Thai sub, for the English sub please watch the full episode 3.)

Image result for inkwon all the butler

Really meaningful 2D1N for the members as well as me, as a viewer. Learn more about the Korean music industry in the past and how important it holds to them.

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